DIY Crayon Art

3 years ago

This DIY art project is simple, cost efficient, and fast. You can be as creative as you want! Kids will also love doing this project as well. It can be the perfect art piece in a child`s room or any room. All you need are 4 things!

Things Needed:
- Cardboard (i got black cardboard so the colors can show up better)
- Crayons (I used all the broken pieces that i had)
- Hot glue gun
- Blow dryer

What To Do:
- First pick out the colors you want to use
- Hot glue the pieces of crayons on your cardboard
- Give it a second to fully glue on before the next step
- Take your blow dryer and melt the crayons. Tip: The direction you point the blow dryer is the direction the melted crayon will flow to.
- Let it cool down before picking it up.

When i did my project, i cut my cardboard into square pieces and did a different design for each piece then i placed all the pieces together to create one big art piece. Another tip that i suggest is to do the project on a flat surface and cover the areas around it with newspaper so the melted crayons don`t fly onto the walls and furniture. Hope you will enjoy this project!

Have you done a project similar to this one? Do you like doing DIY projects? Would you try this?


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