DIY Cool Winter Lip Balm.

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Hey guys,

I love when I find DIY beauty related things like this. I`m one of those people that get chapped lips easy with weather change. They get very chapped if I don`t apply some kind of balm to the point that some times I bleed . So when I saw this at loved the idea. I can make a big batch at once and have some everywhere because I`m one of those
that lose or miss place a lip balm :D lol.

So here is what you need & instructions:

8 Drops peppermint oil
2 Tbsp carrier oil (such as almond oilthis dilutes the peppermint oil from a burn to a tingle)
1 Tbsp beeswax pellets
Glass dropper
Glass jar
Containers (hit up a department store for sample jars or order your own)
Optional: lipstick shavings for a hint of tint

Put the two tablespoons carrier oil and one tablespoon beeswax in a glass jar and close the lid. Heat the jar in a pot with water on medium-high heat until wax is melted. Remove jar from pot and stir mixture. Add peppermint oil with a dropper (not too much or itll burn your lipswe recommend starting with eight drops and adding more if necessary). If youd like your balm to be tinted, stir in your lipstick shavings until your desired color is achieved. Then immediately pour the mixture into your containers. Let stand for two hours until hard.

Easy peasy guys :) for more pics go to of course.

Anyone else love DIY project?

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