DiY Colored Jeans

Colored jeans are so in right now! But when you don`t have the money to buy some why not just make them!

;+What You Need;
Clothing Dye (can be bought at most craft stores)
Large Tub or Bucket
Bleach (household bleach is fine)
Measuring Cup
Rubber gloves
*Wear clothes that you don`t mind getting stained just in case!

01+ Get yourself a pair of jeans! These don`t have to be expensive, I would recommend going to a thrift store and buying some inexpensive ones so if they don`t turn out the way you like them then it won`t be too big of a deal.

02+ Find a color you want to dye your pants. Are you going for a bright red, a soft yellow, or a pretty blue?

03+ Fill your large bucket with enough water to fully saturate your jeans. Then add about 4 cups of bleach to the bucket.

04+ Submerge your jeans into the water/bleach for about 35 minutes. making sure all areas of the jeans are getting access to the bleach.

05+ Dump the tub, and then repeat the process again (steps 4-5) By the second time your jeans should be completely white, or possibly a little yellow/white.

06+ Wash the jeans with detergent in your washing machine to remove all bleach. While the jeans are rinsing, thoroughly wash out your bucket and fill it back up with hot (almost boiling) water.

07+ Once the jeans have been washed and rinsed, set them aside while you mix your dye. *remember: a little of the color goes A LONG WAY. If you`re going for a pastel color, it is best to have a smaller dye to water ratio. You can always add more dye to go darker if you need to, but once it`s dark, it`s hard to go back. Follow the instructions for your dye.

08+ Once you`ve gotten your dye ready, Mix the dye with water in a measuring cup first, and then add it to the bucket. Drop in the jeans and stir continuously with tongs, making sure the jeans are dyeing at the same rate all over. Do this for about five minutes, or until they are the color you desire.

08+ Rinse the dye out well, until the water runs clear. Then add them to the washing machine with mild detergent for a second time. Dry the jeans and they`re ready to wear!

Have fun! And if it is too hot to wear jeans try this out with some shorts!

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