DIY Colored Ends using chalk! ( Hair Chalking)

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I wanted to spice up my hair a little bit! I wanted to dye it some fun colors but i didn`t want to permanently color it. So I looked up some ways to color treat your hair without permanently dyeing it and I came across a tutorial on YouTube for it and wanted to share how to do it with you, i also found some articles about how to do it too! I thought it looked really cool. Luckily I had some wax pastels laying around I gave it a try.
First what I did was I picked out the colors I wanted. This hair chalking does not work with regular chalk; you have to use soft wax chalk. You can get soft wax chalk at any craft store like Michaels or Joann fabrics. I used the Artists Lofts Fundamentals Soft Pastels. I got it for 5.99 at Michaels. I wouldnt recommend using oil pastels because those can damage your hair.
Anyways, Then I took individual strands of hair that I wanted to color and sprayed them with some water. I`ve heard that some hair like blonde hair might stain, try just taking the chalk and apply it without the use of water.
Then you rub the chalk in one direction (hehe, one direction) going downwards. The pastel then rubs off onto your locks of hair. After letting it dry, use some heat to set it, you can curl your hair or straighten your hair. I curled my hair when I first did this and it turned out like the picture above.
It came out very bright which was a surprise to me; maybe it was the certain chalk I used. I kind of colored it up more than your suppose to but it turned out okay. Theres a first for everything! I love this because it washes out easily! And it is also not unhealthy for your hair. I would really recommend giving this a try because this was very fun to do.

Have you every tried this before? How did yours come out?

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