DIY Coffee Filter Flowers

2 years ago

Hi everyone! I`m here today to share with you my latest craft obsession: coffee filter flowers! Hopefully within the next couple years I`ll be getting married to my longtime boyfriend, but it`s never too early to start looking for design inspirations.

Floral centerpieces can become quite pricey, especially if you`re going to be inviting a lot of people, so these flowers are a great way to save a ton of money. They are also completely customizable, so if you want a certain color you can get mix paints to get the exact shade you want.

What you will need to dye your flowers:
- Coffee filters (I got the 8-12 cup basket type of filters; 150 for $1 from the Dollar Tree)
- Acrylic paint (I originally bought watercolor, but you need A LOT of watercolor paint to even get the faintest amount of color on the filters, so I recommend acrylics. These are Artist`s Loft acrylic paints in a tube from Michaels. $5 for the set!)
- Mixing vessel
- Baking sheets (I bought a few from the Dollar Store)

How to dye your flowers:
- Add a small amount of water to your mixing vessel (I tend to work in small batches, if you know you are going to make a ton, use a lot of water and a lot of acrylic paint. If that is the case, I would suggest buying the bottles of acrylic paint, not these smaller tubes)
- Add your acrylic paints to make your desired shade (even though the color may look very saturated in the water, the filters will not be as saturated).
- Dip your coffee filters into the paint/water mixture
- Wring coffee filters if desired
- Lay them out on the baking pan
- Place in the oven at 250 degrees
- If you are only doing single filters on the pan, you can bake them for about 5 minutes. If you`re stacking filters on top of each other then you`ll need to up the time as the centers of the filters may still be damp.

Tutorials I`ve used to make flowers:
- For the big fluffy flowers seen in picture #1 and #2:

- For a variety of rose techniques, including the little flowers seen in picture #1:

- For hydrangeas and a wreath:

- Also for hydrangeas, but they also make pretty roses:

Thanks for reading!

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