DIY Clothespin Wreath

I apologize for not posting much lately - I was sick last week, and the holidays made life a little crazy this week. I`ll try to post more soon!

I saw this picture online the other day, and I just HAD to try it. A lot of wreaths are rather unattractive, to my eye, but this one is just darling. I absolutely love it. I`m tweaking the design a bit, but I`m going to do something basically similar. We`ll see how it goes - things like this evolve, and that`s half the fun of it. I`ve written out the basics below, though, and I think it`ll be a lot of fun to play with some different variations - because I plan on making a whole bunch of these!

What you need:
-something circular (plastic ring, wreath foundation, cardboard, etc.)
-colored paint
-tea packages, colored paper, etc.
-ribbon for hanging
-hot glue
-scrapbook paper, or yarn, or scotch duct tape

How you do it:
Note: like I said, this isn`t going to turn out exactly like the wreath in the picture. It`ll be close, though.

Step 1: lay it out beforehand. Always, always do this. It helps with your color selection, and just with the overall effect. It`s no fun to get halfway through and then realize that you don`t like the colors you`ve randomized. Just don`t do it.

Step 2: decorate your clothespins. Of course, you can leave them plain, but I personally like them colorful. You can paint them with acrylic paints, or stain them with watercolors - they`re both fun. Stripes, patterns, polka dots, flowers - they`re all fun. It will take them a bit to dry - you can work on the other steps while the paint solidifies.

Step 3: set up the ring. There are a lot of different options for this. A plastic ring of some sort, some kind of wreath foundation, or even a heavy piece of cardboard. Just get creative, and see what you can find! Of course, cardboard and plastic aren`t really aesthetically pleasing. You can paint the wreath foundation as well, or you could wrap it in scotch duct tape, or yarn, or cover it with scrapbook paper. There are lots of options! Once you`ve covered it, cut a hole in the top and thread a ribbon through, for hanging your wreath. It`s much harder to do this once you have the clothespins attached. Plug in your hot glue gun while you`re working on this step, so it has a chance to heat up.

Step 4: attach the clothespins. You`ll be using a hot glue gun for this, so be careful - it`s easy to drip and burn yourself. Before you start, lay out your clothespins, evenly spaced, around the wreath, so that the end you pinch is against the wreath and the closed part is facing outward. Pick them up one at a time, drip glue on one of the INSIDE surfaces, and press it back onto the wreath, so the clothespin is sort of `straddling` the wreath. You can glue them to the front or back of the wreath - it will look nearly the same either way. It`s just a matter of personal preference, and you can play around with it before you start to glue. Once you`re done with this step, you`ll need to let it dry again.

Step 5: attach the tea packages! This is the easy step - all you do is press open the clothespins (they still work, because you only glued one side!) and slide in the tea packages. You don`t have to use tea packages, of course - colored paper, favorite quotes, pieces of fabric, or something else entirely would work just as well!

I hope these directions make sense. If you have any questions, go ahead and comment - I`m always happy to answer. :) Have fun making these super cute wreaths!


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