DIY Clipless Curl Wand

4 years ago

don`t know about you, but i` kind of cheap. Really cheap. I don`t know when this "cheapness" happened to me, or became encoded in my DNA, but never the less, it is. I`d like to think that I am somewhat of a self proclaimed "Frugalista". I love finding deals, steals and DIY`s on the cheap giving me that high priced look for that low low price tag. This is one of those posts. Over the last couple of years the "Curling Wand" has become somewhat of a phenomenon, filling our hair salons and mall kiosks offering us a better and more chic alternative to the curling iron(which is essentially the same damn thing) yielding a price tag of almost double, sometimes triple the cost of our old curling irons. I am not one of those girls who has ever been skilled with hair tools. If it weren`t for god giving me naturally curly hair, I doubt I would ever have had a curl in it if I had to do so by curling iron. My hair just does not do well with heated curling tools, well let me rephrase that; I do not do well with heated curling tools. (Read more on my blog link listed below with step by step photos!)

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