Diy: circle skirt!

ive been seeing this skirt trend around & sometimes they are hard to find in certain stores or your size.

well now u can create your own unique circle skirt with only a few materials! you can make a skirt for around $5-$10 if you search for good fabric deals!

-about 1 to 4 yards of fabric depending on what size you are.
-appx 1-2 yards of 3-inch wide elastic depending on your waist size
-sewing machine
-cardboard for pattern

quick tip! use one of these fabrics! :)
* Polyester Charmuese
* Simple Cotton
* Thin Corduroy
* Lightweight Wool
Many fabrics will work for this project. Lightweight fabrics will be more bouncy, and synthetic rayons and polyester will slink and spin around beautifully. The gray fabric we`re using today is rayon with a subtle visible weave pattern.

first, use the elastic and measure around your waist, where u want the top part of the skirt to be. measure that size and add 1 inch for seaming room (:
ex) if your waist measures 18, cut 19 inches

now get your cardboard and lay it out on a flat table or floor. find the center & use ur ruler to mark your waist size. add 2 inches for "give" room.
ex) since ur waist measured 19 in. in the above step, use ur ruler and mark where 21 since its 2 inches more!

using a ruler, measure on your thigh/leg how far you want your skirt to go down.

say you measured 9 inches; then where u marked the 21 inches on the cardboard use your ruler and go straight out from that point & mark where 9 inches is.
do the 9 inch mark all around so it creates a large circle.

then cut out your pattern when you finished measuring it :) cut out ur waist size center as well. now ur pattern should look like a donut haha :)

place ur pattern on the fabric. make sure ur fabric is nice & smooth & on a flat surface. using a pen or chalk outline your circle & inner waist circle u cut out.

then using fabric scissors, cut it out! :DD

next get out ur sewing machine. and sew ur elastic waist band onto the inner rim of your cut out circle in ur fabric :) u may need ur mom for this if u dont know how to use one :D lol

and now try it on :) hopefully it fits you correctly! add cute bows or buttons for a cute look!

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