DIY Christmas Ornaments

4 years ago

With Christmas coming up soon, I thought it`d be nice to do something for the Holidays with my family. So, I sort of `forced` my little sister to help me make some Christmas tree ornaments. I got the idea randomly & I just had to do it, especially seeing how ridiculously expensive Christmas ornaments can get. It was so fun making these little guys that my mom jumped in to help right in the middle of things.
These, although just a little bit time consuming, were very easy & inexpensive to make. I only spent about $10 on the supplies & the pine cones were free. So, let`s get started.

What you`ll need (Photo #2):
-Pine cones, as many as you think you`ll need for your tree (I found mine in a park near my house)
-Glue (I used Aleene`s Turbo Tacky glue)
-Hemp twine
-Glitter (You can use whatever color you want, but I used a copper color)
-A plate & a bowl
-A spoon
-A cheap paint brush

Clean your pine cones to make sure there aren`t any bugs living in them. If you use water to clean them, which I think is a great idea, MAKE SURE you let them dry for a day or so. They shrink in size when wet & the scales close up, which makes them very hard to work with. After they`re clean, you can begin. Take a 5-6" piece of twine and meet it at both ends & hold them together. With a good grip, tie the twine to the very top scale (or few scales, depending on your pine cone). Make sure you tighten it well, then reinforce it with a dab of glue. Sprinkle a good amount of the glitter into your bowl. Pour a quarter-sized amount of glue on the plate. With your paintbrush, begin coating the pine cone with glue in small sections. With the spoon, dust glitter over the glue-y area. Continue this process until the entire pine cone is covered in glitter.

The end result is very beautiful! I was afraid they were going to come out looking cheap but they came out so well. Beware though: glitter WILL get everywhere.
Get your family together & make these! I assure you that you`ll have tons of fun.

**All photos in this post were taken by me**

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