1.Choose your thread. You can use embroidery string, or plain yarn. It`s better if you choose contrasting colors, such as red, white and blue or green, pink and white.

2. Cut your thread. It is usually better to have cut too much, than to not have enough. Wrap the thread about 3-4 times around your wrist or ankle. That much seems to do the job pretty well (if is slightly big it`s okay).

3. Knot three strings together at one side, so they stay together.

4. Tape the knotted end onto the edge of a table, counter, leg or to a chair.Tape the knotted side to a table, or stable surface to work on. Another way to do it is to clip it using a clipboard. You can also use a safety pin and pin it to a small pillow, or to the knee of your jeans; or make a loop with the string and put it around your toe. This is convenient especially if you are traveling.You may also let another person hold the end for you,this way is easier so it does not move as much.

5. Hold two strings in one hand and the other string in the other hand. Then make a `4` shape with the one string over the two strings.

6. Take the tail, or end, of the `4` by putting your hand in the wide space of the `4` and pull the tail.

7. Repeat this 10 to 15 times, then switch colors. You don`t HAVE to switch, but if you decide not to, make sure the one color you want to use is longer than the others.

8. Repeat the colors again, or until the bracelet can fit around your wrist or ankle loosely, so you can take it off and put on.

9. Knot the open side, and tie the bracelet together. Enjoy!


You can use more than three strings.
As you stitch down the bracelet make sure that the pattern is curving nicely and looks like a spiral staircase. You may have to untwist the bracelet between stitches. As you become more experienced your bracelets will look more uniform.
Choose contrasting colors and colors that go together (e.g. red, white and blue).
You can also use a safety pin to pin the string to towels, carpets, pillows, or the knee of your jeans to hold the threads.
It comes out better if, while you`re doing it, you lift it up so that it could actually go around.
You can measure the string by holding it from the tips of your fingers to the middle of your chest
If the knot overlapped another (get bad knots) carfully take a needle and put it underneth the overlapped loop and try to undo it.


Sometimes you may get bad knots in the string. When this happens, don`t tug on the string. That will make the knot worse.

Things You`ll Need

3 or more contrastingly-colored embroidery floss (about 1 - 1 1/2 arm lengths long) Thin or regular yarn also works, but embroidery floss works best.

Tape or clip

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