[DIY!*] chanel logo wall art

2 foam boards (more if you want it to be thicker, just make sure you have an even amount)
command damage-free hanging strips (the 4 sets of small pack - not the hooks and not the refill packs)
black paint (spray or acrylic)
glue gun or e6000
x-acto knife

i got my foam boards from dollar tree but if your local DT doesnt sell them, walmart has them at a good price. mine measures about 30x20.5 but the size is completely up to you. do you want it big or small?

so the first thing you want to do is draw a giant circle on one of the boards. it probably wont be perfect but imperfections add charm.

next draw the chanel logo on the other foam board. dont make it as big as the circle. use the picture with karl in the set as an example. again it wont be perfect but it will be charming.

then cut out the circle and chanel logo with the x-acto knife. if youre using more than two boards, use your cut out circle and logo to trace on the other boards, and then cut them out too.

if you have more than two boards, youll also need to glue your circles together and your logos together so they become thicker pieces. IMO two or three foam boards glued together is thick enough, so youd have to buy four or six in total. make sure you press edges of the boards together firmly as good as you can so theres no big gap between. let the glue dry completely.

now you can paint. i did mine similar to the one in the picture with karl because it looks nice against my white walls. i just painted the edges black using acrylic paint and a small bristle paint brush. if you want to go traditional, paint the entire thing black with spray paint.

if you want to be unique and make it you, use whatever color(s) you want. paint polka dots or cheetah print! glue paper flowers and whatnots to it! make it sparkle with glitter! you choose!

after everything is completely dry, then youre gonna glue the chanel logo in the very center of the circle. let dry.

finally you have to mount the whole thing to the wall. the command strips make it easy and dont require the hassle of hammer and nail. im sure youve seen the commercials lol just follow the instructions on the package and youre good to go!


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