DIY: Braided Rhinestone Necklace!

Hey there! ok so I`m sure you have seen this kind of necklaces everywhere from bloggers to it girls, this is a fun DIY project you`ll love and you can make it in any colour you like, so don`t waste any more time lets work!!

Youll need:
-a rhinestone necklace
-4 skeins of embroidery floss
-darning needle
-wire clippers
-lobster clasp
-jump ring
-chain & crimp ends (optional)

First start by cutting about 2.5 times the length of your necklace of embroidery floss and they`re going to be like 16 to 19 strands and tie a knot leving 3 inches of slack.

Then separate the equaly and braid, tie a knot again leaving 3 inches away. Thread the darning needle with the extra strand of floss.

Tie and knot the end of the floss to the end of the necklace, thread the needle into the middle of the braid do this around the necklace and back under the braid.

Continue doing this.....and make a double knot at the end.

Then you`re going to grab abour 10 inches of embroidery floss and tie double knot around the end of the braided knot, wind the floss around the bunch of strands, thread on a lobster clasp and continue winding.....

Tie the ends into a double knot and trim the ends and DONE!!!

You`re ready now to wear it with your favourite outfit!
What do you think or this DIY? Do you like contrasting colors with your outfits? What kind of DIY projects would you like me to post? I would like to know your thoughts abouit so leave me your comments in the section below. Xo F&B

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