DIY: braided hex nut bracelet

5 years ago

I have been obsessed with Pinterest lately and its like my new Luuux! When I have free time Im on Pinterest and Ive just discovered so many awesome craft ideas and DIY ideas that its actually got me to craft! When I was young I use to craft and be all artsy but it just suddenly went away. Now that Im on Pinterest Im learning so many cool new things and one thing I saw and I had to try was this DIY hex nut bracelet. I stumbled upon a pin on this and I was all Hey I have a bracelet just like that! then I found out it was diy-ed so I had to read up on it and see how it was made. I found out that its super easy to make and there are many different variations on how to create it. I just did the basic one with twine string and hex nuts but then I also used a toggle clasp.
To make the bracelet you basically just braid in the hex nut to the string. I bought the string and toggle clasp from Michaels and then I bought the hex nuts at Home Depot. I got the silver stainless steal hex nuts which do cost a few scent more but they look nicer and shiney in comparison to just the silver steel hex. I did want to get brass hex nuts but they dont sell them in packs of 50 like the silver ones because they only come in smaller packs of about 5. This one was just my first bracelet that I made so its not perfect because I did mess up a few times while braiding it but the next one Im going to make is probably going to me a necklace and hopefully that one will turn out better since I have now gone through the process.

<em><b><strong>The link below has the full and detailed instructions that include photos!!</strong></b></em>

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