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4 years ago

With the whole arm candy/arm party craze, Ive started making some of my own DIY bracelets. It all started when I found out about wrap bracelets. I saw beauty guru Fleurdeforce selling some but I wasnt sure if I wanted to spend $30ish on one so I decided to go Michaels and ended up getting the supplies for a little under $20, allowing myself to make at least two wrap bracelets. I attempted to recreate the lapis wrap bracelet she currently has in her shop. Its my favorite one because of the chunky stones and also because its blue, my favorite color. Im happy with the results though its not exact hence the attempt part :p. Its a little on the heavier side than expected, shouldve chosen different beadsnonetheless this was my favorite bracelet to make out of all the rest.

Next are the ball chain bracelets. I love the ways these look and they were super easy to make too. The tutorial I went by used waxed thread but instead I used embroidery floss. Its a lot cheaper and they come in a large range of colors.

Next are the beaded braid bracelets. These were pretty easy to make too because youre essentially making a regular braid and adding beads to the strand as you go. It was little difficult for me because I used my leftover embroidery floss and it was just too thin and slippery to hold the beads together so wax/nymo thread or a thick thread is better since it will grip the beads in place.

Lastly, I have the infamous Helloberry inspired bracelets. I thought these were so cute and I was on the fence with getting one because I knew part of the material they used was craftlace and those are pretty cheap to buy so I didnt feel too happy about forking extra $$$ for that. I also didnt know how to make them at the time but once I found out the method, I decided to gives these shot. Supplies for the chain and craftlace were just under $10 and I made a ton of them.

So now you know how I`ve been spending my summer so far lol.

Most of the supplies I was able to get at Michaels craft store and Ebay is another good source, especially for the chains.

Here are some of the links to where I got the tutorials/references from if youre interested in trying these out but beware, theyre addicting to make!

Tutorial for ball chain bracelet:

Tutorial for braided bead bracelet:

For the Helloberry bracelets, I didnt follow an exact tutorial, I just sort of eyed it and learned to make the type of braid they used from this blog:

But since theyre becoming quite popular now Ive found many tutorials on them and this one seems to be a good one:

With the wrap bracelet, I used two tutorials as a guide. One was text, the other a video:

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