DiY: Bow Ring!(:

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This is soo cute don`t you agree?
Try it!
The most important thing you need to do first is to gather all the needed materials (Thats a must!). For this DIY project I used the following:

- Fabric needle

- Sewing thread (any color will do)

- Thimble (protects your finger from the needle, when hand sewing)

-Pair of scissors

-Assorted ribbons

- Fabric glue (I used Mighty bond for this)

- Hair tie/ elastic (preferably black)

How to create a bow (the technique of doing it may differ, but heres how I did it):

1. Cut the desired length of the ribbon. Create a loop allowing both ends to meet at the center.

2. Properly secure it at the middle by using your needle & thread ( I used my thimble from time to time). Simply sew through & through (I have yet to find out the specific name of the sewing technique I used. Heehee) making sure that youve made a knot at the end of your thread. (It takes a bit of practice to learn the art of knotting but its quite easy. Trust me.)

3. Next, pinch or scrunch your ribbon (as seen on the photo above) to create a bow shape.

4. To keep it on place, sew it again. Make sure its on the middle.

5. For the other DIY ring, I used a ribbon with polka dots already printed on it (Cute, isnt it?). Again, cut the desired length (I did a trial & error just to come up with the perfect size & length).

6. Repeat steps 1,2 & 3.

How to create your ring:

1. I used a hair tie for the ring/ base cause its a lot cheaper compared to using those ready-made silver/gold rings. (Also, I purposely used this kind of material since Im allergic to fake/fancy jewelry. Yes, you read that right! My skin itches & reddens, FYI.)

2. Insert it to your ring finger so youll know whether it fits well or not.

3. Simply glue it together using any adhesive (I used Mighty Bond for this)

4. Cut another piece of ribbon of a different color this time. Just small enough to be placed at the middle portion of your bow.

5. Again, glue that small cut-out ribbon to your partial bow.

6. Using your glue gun + glue stick, attach your bow & ring together. (Be very careful when handling a glue gun. Its extremely hot & painful I tell you. Got burnt several times. HAHA!)

Voila! theres your finished product, my Do-It-Yourself Bow Ring! Hope you like it.

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