DIY Bow Pocket Shorts

4 years ago

i once saw a photo of a cute bow pocket shorts on tumblr, and i decided to do one for myself. it looked really easy and simple to do. mine took only a few minutes, perhaps 5-10 minutes because i am worst when it comes to sewing by hands :D

okay so first you have to have your pair of cut off shorts. this could of course vary, like if you want it on a skirt or jeans, its okay as long as there`s a back pocket for the bow to be sewed.

next step is making the bow. all you need is a small piece of rectangular cloth and a smaller piece of cloth which will serve as the holder. you will tie it on the center of the bigger cloth (sorry, i suck at this. haha . pls see photo for reference and such). once you are done making two bows (2 pockets, yes), you are now ready to put it on your pockets.

carefully sew the bows on the pockets of your shorts and then you`re done! its a great way to spice up an old or boring piece of shorts. mine looks really bad up close because of the stitches but from afar, it looks really great. haha :)


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