DIY Bottling up the Light

5 years ago

I thought this would be an awesome diy project. It reminds me of catching fireflies in paper cups but way more sophisticated and no flies will be harmed. It`s basically a wine bottle with christmas tree lights inside creating a nice glow.

You will need:
an empty wine bottle
a drill
safety glasses and gloves (just in case the bottle breaks)
1/2 glass drill bit
masking tape
short strand of Christmas lights

The trick to this is that you musn`t apply too much pressure on the wine bottle or else it might shatter. Sounds a little scary but you must admit the end result is beautiful.

1. Was out an empty wine bottle, let it dry and remove the label
2. place a small piece of masking tape over the spot you will drill to prevent the drill from slipping
3. slowly and lightly drill the area enough for the string of lights to be placed in.
4. remove the tape, insert the lights and plug it in.
5. enjoy~

**The pictures are brought to you by Wit & Whistle. They`re ideas are amazing do visit if you`re interested by clicking on the source**

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