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Heyy gurlss!! Sorry i haven`t been on for a while!! School. What are you going to do about it? ;) Anyways, I have a tip on how to make those awesome bottle cap bracelets!! YAY(: My friend was wearing one of these today and she said it was really easy to make! ALSO Kristen Stewart was caught wearing one>>

~~several bottle tabs, depending on your wrist size
~~ 2 strands of string or ribbon (at least 24 in)

O1; (optional) You can alternate placing the tops back to front so that the backs of the top layer and the backs of the bottom layer are facing, it will reduce irritation on the skin. (in the set, its not alternating back to front, its just front)

O2; (optional) tie the two strands of ribbon or string together. (You don`t have to, in the set they just leave a space, but tying it makes it easier)

O3; Thread one string up through the top hole in a tab. Take the second cord and thread it up through the bottom hole.

O4; Lay a second tab half on top of the first tab so that the coinciding holes overlap.

O5; Thread the top cord over the left edge of the second tab and down through the first tab`s top hole.

O6; Do the same with the bottom string, through the bottom hole.

O7; Turn the tabs over. Overlap a third tab on the second one. (touching the first tab)

O8; Thread the top cord over the first and third tabs, through the third tab`s top hole and down through the second tab`s top hole.

O9; Do the same with the bottom string, through the bottom holes.

1O; Continue with this pattern until the bracelet is as long as you need it, alternating back and forth between threading the cords from the back and front.

11) End with a top tab (one that lies on the top layer) by threading each cord up through the corresponding hole.

12) Wrap around your wrist and tie it with bunny ears(:

Here is a great Youtube vid about it;

Hope you LIKE(:

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