DIY Blotting Papers!

5 years ago

Hello beautiful girls! I`m back this evening to share a DIY for something all girls should carry around with them at ALL times: blotting tissues. Okay, maybe not all girls need these but if your face gets even the slightest bit oily, its good to carry these around... just in case. For those of you that didn`t know already, blotting tissues are little sheets of thin paper that you pat all over your face to absorb the oil. Its gross but strangely satisfying to see the afterwards of the tissue compared to how it started out before the oil. EW! On the bright side after blotting, you can look at the sheet covered in oil and think, "Hey, at least that oil isn`t going into my pores and causing acne!", right? Haha, anyways, I`m going to show y`all a DIY for making these blotting sheets!

Tissue Paper (as in the type you use in presents)
Some small portable container to hold papers

1. Take your sheets of tissue paper and fold them until they`re small enough to blot your face with (should be about half the size of your palm).

2. Cut along those lines until you have each individual piece of blotting paper.

3. Stack the tissues on top of each other and then put them into the container that you chose.

4. You now have your blotting papers! Why not test them out? :)

Good luck and I hope you enjoy your oil- free face!

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