DIY: Belt Storage!

2 years ago

If you`re like me, you may struggle with what to do with all those belts in your closet... For the longest time, I just had them draped on top of hangers but that ended up being inconvenient and they took up room on my closet rack that way. So, I recently decided to make some adjustments! I realized that, although this closet is a bit small, I had a bunch of empty wall space inside that I wasn`t using. I decided to make use of it and hang my belts! Now, I can easily access them and see them all in one place. Perfect!

Materials Needed
-Your belts!
-Small nails


1) Determine Height

When hanging your belts on the inside of your closet (or any wall), it`s important to figure out how high you should hang them. The tops of mine sit comfortably at a height taller than me, allowing them to hang down the walls so I can easily see them and they don`t crowd the floor space where I store other things.

2. Determine Spacing
I have mostly skinny belts, but I do have a few larger, chunkier belts that I had to account for when putting the nails into the wall. I like to leave equal space between the belts to keep it even-looking, but I did have to leave a bit more space between the nails for the larger belts (which I hung inward toward the corner of the wall).

3. Hammer The Nails!
This part is really fun! I used small nails to do this and applied just gentle pressure with the hammer. A couple hits was fine! You don`t want the nails to go all the way into the wall - leave about half the nail hanging out of the wall so that you can hang your belt buckle (or whatever is at the end of your belt) from in.

4. Arrange Your Belts!
I had a lot of fun hanging up my belts as I went (doing it as I went also let me know how much space I needed to use for each belt). I even added belts to the adjacent wall to keep them all together. Now it`s like a cute little `belt corner` in my closet!

Storing my belts like this had really changed up my closet and made it much easier for me to access the belts and figure out which one I want to wear. It`s also easy to put them back since all I have to do is hang them back up on the nail. Super easy and so worth it! It saves space and makes everything much more convenient! :)

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