DIY Baking Soda Mask

5 years ago

I was bored and decided to search the web for diy masks. I wanted one that was simple without complex or wasteful ingredients like eggs or strawberries. I`d rather eat those. I came across the baking soda mask and decided to make that one. All you need is baking soda and water. You mix those two together until you get a mixture with the consistency of a lotion. Just run your fingers through it to see which ingredient you need more of. If there`s too much baking soda it won`t stick to your face. I left it on for about 10 min. I was going to leave it on longer, but by then my face had hardened into stone and I HAD to take it off. Some people say their face stings the first time they use it or it gets really red afterwards. That didn`t happen to me. Just slight redness. I put on heavy layers of moisturizer after. I`m not sure what the mask did, but the moisturizer had a slight paint effect on my face. I had to really rub it in to make the moisturizer soak in.

My verdict: Give this mask a try, but take it off before your face hardens. I can`t pinpoint an exact difference in my face, but it does look better. I think it helped even the tone of my skin. I`m not really sure. It`s cheap and easy to do so why not try this mask?

MAJOR EXCITING UPDATE!!!! - Sun. Mar. 4/12
So I used the mask yesterday and now my face looks so much more beautiful! It looks like I got a tan!! I seriously don`t know what that mask did, but my face looks darker and more radiant!! Omygosh!! I`m gonna use this mask again maybe on Wednesday.

Seriously try it. Let me know how it works for you.
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