DIY Asian beaded stacking bracelet

4 years ago

So I really have been obessed with stacking bracelets but most of the ones I really want are either out of my price range or no one sells it and i want it now now now! So the only way to have it is, to MAKE IT! Since I saw the baublebar bracelet that was in one of the birchbox with one of the beads that are covered with rhinestones, I just wanted to get one but it was about $30? Naww I`d rather make it myself. Researched it and found out that its really just using the square knot and threading the beads through the middle strains.

<strong>Stuff you will need:</strong>
-Any color hemp you would like to wear; I`m using black hemp I bought in Wal mart from the glue brand Elmer`s $3.50
-enough beads to go around your wrist; mine are from the brand "bead gallery" from Michaels craft store for $5.99 CAD
-lighter to finish the raw edges
-clipboard or anything else to hold your bracelet done while you work
-tacky glue or super glue

1) Measure the hemp around your wrist. You will need a cord thread which will be the measurement of your wrist plus 14 cm more for your finishing ends where you will be adjusting. Second piece will be your working piece where you will have to wrap it around your wrist three to four times.

2) Take your core piece and knot it at the end and thread one of your beads for the adjusting part. Knot it again where you want your bracelet to start.

3) While having your core piece clipped to the clip board, start your bracelet by making a traditional square knot. If you don`t know how to do the square knot, make sure to check my first DIY post on the hex nut bracelet;
Do it about three four times and then thead your first bead through your core thread.

3) This is really simple, after you thread your bead through, pull your two working threads over your beads and do the same thing....square knots. All you have to do is just, well keep doing it! If you are having trouble threading both threads through your bead, you can use something called "Eez-Thru" which is for the times that you can`t floss your teeth when you have braces.

4) Just keep doing it until you get your desired length. To finish it off, you have to make a square knot with a third piece of hem. Just look at my over blog, it is more detailed :)

Hope you guys will try this out. I really like how it turned out but my boyfriend wanted to have it so I gave it to him :). Try it out!

*All pictures are mine*

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