DIY: Artwork from Pizza Boxes!

5 years ago


YOU WILL NEED:</strong>
-Pizza Boxes (3) or whatever amount you wish!
-Permanent marker or pencil
-Something to hang it with wether it`s a nail or whatever you wish!

hey everyone today I`d like to share a very fun but kinda time consuming project that will look great and you will have fun doing it I promise!

<strong>1)Figure out what it is you want to do:</strong> flowers, animals, random designs, etc you can look everywhere tv, internet, megazines, etc. I found my inspiration on google images it doesn`t look much like the original but I put my own twist on it (different colour and shapes and stuff) I kinda just used it as an outline.

<strong>2)Pick which colours you want to use: </strong> Where are you going to hang it? make sure you use something that will look good where your putting it .. or else you`re just wasting your time. I chose pink, brown, and white. because I have pink walls. Whatever you decide to use make sure you have your supplies (listed above)

<strong>3)Paint a base on your pizza box</strong>as you can see above I chose a chocolate brown but obviously you can choose whichever colour you want. I used a spray paint (2 layers) at first I was hesitant as to how it would turn out afterwards but I liked the finish (not completely matte.)

<strong>4)Start drawing your outline</strong> if you chose light colours stick with a pencil but since my paint is a chocolate brown I used a black permanent marker. There is room for error here as you are painting over top of the outline so don`t be to terribly concerned as you can fix it later on.

<strong>5)Paint it!</strong>YAY last step well besides letting it dry and hanging it but last step in creation. Paint your canvas the colour that you wish apply as many coats necessary to achieve the look you are going for. For this part I used left over wall paint and it worked great and matched my walls perfectly!

This project was so much fun and looks great now I highly recommend doing it. There was no cost here for me because I used all recycled products but the only cost would be the paint!



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