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One of the biggest trends this season is "arm candy", which is the stacking of many bracelets, especially hand made bracelets. Seeing soo many gorgeous handmade bracelets made me want to try it for myself instead of purchasing one off of etsy for a price I could make multiple of.

A couple of weeks ago, one of my friends and I decided to go to Michaels after our lunch date. I wanted to pick up some materials to start my DIY projects of the summer. I ended up only buying two different chords and hoping I could find some material at home to spice it up.

Later on in the day when I got home, I immediately started to DIY. First thing I did was dig around my old jewelry box for items I could possibly upcycle. I found a bag of beads I used when I had feather extensions over a year ago and went from there.

~ First thing I did was cut two pieces of string about an arm and a half length each, looped it and then tied it together to make 4 strands.
~ Second I made a 4 strand braid by twisting the two outside strings each and then crossing over the two middle strings. I kind of just eyed it for how long I wanted.
~ Third I strung the beads into the string doing a similar pattern of how I braided it. Using the two outside strings I string a bead into it on each side. Then taking the two middle strings I strung a bead in the middle to make the 2:1:2:1 pattern.
~ Fourth I braided the rest of the string to fit my arm and then tie a button to the end. I used a random button I found that would fit inside the loop and painted it gold with nail polish.

and VOILA! You`re done and have a gorgeous bracelet to stack with.

<strong>Do you like to DIY? What have you tried to make? Are you into the stacking bracelet trend?</strong>

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