DIY anchor bracelet

4 years ago

I wanted to make a different twist, I`ve seen these kinds on necklaces on ebay and I wanted to make my own feel free to make yours too!

Any kind of cord you would like to use
Anchor Charm (bought mine from etsy)
Super Glue

1-Cut out 6 equal cords that wraps around your wrists 3 times or longer just to be sure.
2- Put it through the top of the anchor hole and tie a knot, cut the excess, and super glue it until it dries.
3-Then braid both sides of the ropes or you can add beads or anything you would like.
4- try your best to get the knot to go through the anchor make sure it`s wide so it can get to both sides. this may take longer.
5- Tie it once and then cut the rest of the rope that you don`t need.
6- Finally super glue it and wait until it`s dry.

Then voila! you are done! I sometimes like to use this as a keychain and if I feel unaccesorized I take it off my purse and use it as a bracelet. I hope you enjoyed this DIY and happy earning luuuxers!

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