DIY: American Flag Shorts

4 years ago

The 4th of July trend has hit Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and every social media platform out there featuring the all so coveted American flag shorts. Instead of spending a fortune on them, it can easily cost you next to nothingif you do it yourself. So I did. Heres how


An old (or new) pair of jean shortsI recycled ones I havent worn in yearsthe cheapest way.
Your basic Acrylic color paints: Red, White, Blue (any shade of each will dodepending on the look you want)
A star shaped stencil. I would recommend a medium/large star.
A 1 inch acrylic paintbrush, along with a thinner brush to work the edges
Some kind of masking tape to outline your red/white stripes (or if youre not artistically challenged like mefeel free to freehand those lines)
Lets do it:

Since Im a lefty I started with the stripes on the right side of the jean pant leg (so there wouldnt be paint all over my arm..naturally). I used strips of tape to outline where my red lines were going to be (shown in the top left picture) and painted white in between my strips of tape. Like I saidyou can free hand those to give it a messier lookmany people prefer that.
Take the tape off and continue to fill in the lines with red carefully following the untouched area the tape left. You can paint the seams of the pocket, but I found it easier and less messy to leave those alone.
Move onto the left side of the jeans. With your stencil start at the top and work your way down left to right on the pant leg with your stars. As you fill in the stencil be sure that youre using very little paint so it doesnt sneak under the plastic making a blob of paint.
As you go along, feel free to make half stars on the edge of the jeans (shown in the bottom left picture) where no other full star would fit. It gives it a cool look.
Carefully fill in blue paint around the white starsits semi-tedious.
If you have that little pocket like these jeans do on the top left pocket go ahead and put stripes on them to match the right pant leg. If you dont its not a big deal.
Once the front is dry, turn to the back two pockets. Repeat the above steps to get the stars and stripes look again. I chose to put them on alternating sides of the front. (Stripes are on the left leg in the front, but on the right leg in the back)

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