DiY ACRYLiCnailss(:

heyy girlies

i decidedd to not sign my name for this tipp, just cause i didn`t wanna, :P

-paper towelss
-nail scrubb brush
-cotton balls
-non acetone polishh remover
-nail filee
-acrylice nail clipper // cutter
-Artificial naill tips
-nail glueee
-dappen dish
-acrylic liquidd
-acrylic powder
-acrylic brushh
-filing blockk (four sidedd + fine grit !)
-cuticlee oil

OO1- remove all the polish that you might have on your nailss, but DON`T use an acetone remover!
OO2- trim+filee your nails, makingg sure that everything is smooth and cleean!
OO3- usee a soft file to removee the top layer of the naill ( tip; file ONE way! )
OO4- GENTLY push back your cuticless
OO5- prepp the naile platee by applying nail prep, :P
OO6- apply nail tips to whatever length you want your nails
OO7- clipp the nail to the desiredd length (:
OO8- apply primer on the NATURAL nails, not the ARTiFiCiAL tip! allow it to dryyy before putting it on
OO9- pour acrylic liquid in your dappen dish
O1O- dip the tip of the brush into your powder (the primer that is DRiED) to collect a small moist ball, :P
O11- Apply the ball to the edgee of the acrylic tipp where it MEETS your natural naill.
O12- repeat this stepp with the acrylic liquidd and powder. but don`t put it onto the cuticle areaa!
O13- do this on all your nails, and let dryy.
O14- apply cuticle oill
O15- and whalllla, you`re donee

hope this helpeddd you girliess(:

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