DiY - woven chain necklace (:

-gold or silver chain (in length of bracelet or necklace you prefer)
-embroidery thread (pick 3 colors - they could be the same or different - ac moore & michaels sells these threads for like 30 cents each!)
-10-20 minutes of your time depending on how fast & good with jewelry you are (:
-clasp or safety pin for your clasp


good news: this is the hardest part. create your thread bundles. you want about 15-18 individual threads in each bundle, and they should be roughly 2-3 times the length of chain.

knot the two bundles of thread together at the top, leaving about 1-1.5 inches at the top. lay the thread out to the left of the chain.

take the thread on the right (the one closest to the chain) and bring it through the chain from underneath.

cross the thread on the left over the right then pull it through the chain from underneath.

continue crossing and threading. once you get the hang of it, it goes really fast.
optional: If you have a wider chain you can bring both threads through each link for a chunkier look.

knot the thread when you get to the end and trim the edges.

voila! :)

now you can add a clasp or a safety pin to secure the end. that will be how you would take it on & off (:

to add a clasp, just use pliers & hook on the clasp to the last chain ring on each side

hope you like this!

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