DIY - Studded Iphone Case (Lots of Images)

4 years ago

This is my first "design" category post and I`m extremely excited to share with you all my DIY project. Studs and spikes can be found everywhere these days (thats if you`re into fashion =P). I`ve had my Hello Kitty Phone case for a long time so I wanted a different look for it. I researched on these studded phone cases but they seemed expensive.

I was feeling crafty so I decided to try a DIY to test my abilities haha. Besides wanted a hot Pink silicone case, I am pretty happy with the results. FYI, these pyramids studs feel SOOOO good on the hands because its quite massaging and smooth. Total cost for this DIY case was $14 (it could of been far cheaper if I didnt rush on buying the case). OK lets get started...

This project only works for silicone cases so the spikes on the studs will be able to poke through. I got my case for $12 at the stand at the mall (total rip off) since I saw so many on ebay for less than $5. I bought these 10mm pyramid studs on Ebay (50 studs for $2). You can find 100 studs for $2 if u take your time looking. They also come in color studs or gold studs. Just type in "pyramid studs 10mm" when you`re on ebay. You also need some pointed pliers to bend the stud tips.

1. Decide on your design first. Lay it carefully on your case to make sure each stud fits then take a picture of it on your phone so u have something to guide u with.
2. You start at all corners then work your way inwards. This keeps the studs from staying straight and even. Be super careful when poking the spikes through to the back cause it can hit your fingers. Poke slowly at first cause even if you mess up, the silicone is "forgiving" and you wont see the holes so you can try again. Once u got the right spot, use the pliers to close it at the back. Make sure the tips are curved inward (not parallel to the case). Must be curved inward so it wont scratch your phone. Go slowly cus if u do it too fast, its harder to get the spikes loosened. The tips of the pliers really help in pushing the tips inwards.
3. Now slowly and gently rub your fingertips along the inside of your case to make sure you dont feel any tips of the spikes.
4. To protect your actual Iphone (cus you know how expensive it is) even more, I decided to put DUCK tape over the spikes of the studs completely. If you dont have Duck tape then you can use 2 business cards and tape them together to fully line and fit the inside.

I must say, this project was a bit time consuming cus you have to line the studs straight. It took me a total of 3 hours. I wish my silicone case was hot pink or an aqua color but the purple is okay because it Pops against the silver. You can probably do this for less than $5 if you spent some time researching on Ebay. Even though the case is a little plain compared to all those bedazzles gem cases, I think the case is edgy, fun, and unique. Like i said, it feels soooooo good on the fingers when youre on your phone.

I hope you found this post to be informative and useful. Enjoy!!

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