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4 years ago

I don`t usually do reviews on entertainment, but I recently finished a booked called <strong>Divergent</strong> by <em>Veronica Roth</em> and it really struck me enough to want to talk about it. If anyone has read this book, I`d love to hear what you have to say. Any comments, or discussions below are welcome =) I`ll definitely respond!

Now, I don`t want to give a synopsis of the book - that can be found online anywhere so feel free to look around. Just avoid Wikipedia for spoilers and any other forums. I want to simply state that the story is very easy to follow along and although it`s almost a little TOO simplisitic for my taste, it does make it easy to follow and read. The story starts off by diving right into the world of Beatrice (Tris later known as) and doesn`t really give you any time of day to rest.

I like that it starts off from the get-go. I hate stories that have a dragged out introduction or take a full book to set up. I feel like Divergent did a good job of <strong>pacing the story</strong> so that enough is revealed at once and little by little, things start to shake and their whole world is thrown into chaos later. One gripe that people might have with this novel though is - there is not "big epic plotline" that you`ll see until much later. It`s not like <strong>Hunger Games</strong> where the entire picture is painted out what the "government" wants to do. You`ll have to wait to find that out.

For one - I like how there`s not too many characters, and with the amount of characters that there are, the author gives enough time to show you what they`re like. Who they are, what their motives are and especially how everything is seen from Tris` eyes. I love how people change as her impression of people change and that`s always a plus. There`s nothing overly complicated, it`s easy to understand as a whole, the story is actually very simple.

And lastly - I wanted to point out that UNLIKE many other dystopian stories that focus more on <em>changing the world</em> and saving it, this is actually heavily focused on Tris and what SHE wants and what she belives is right. She`s the centre of the story and I love that! Unlike Hunger Games or The Immortal Instruments or The Daughter of Smoke & Bone... this story has a big epic plotline that unvails infront of you. And the romance! My god, there`s actual romance that GOES somewhere and it`s not a dead end and it`s not crappy, it`s written well and it`s believable and wow... I haven`t read a good side-romance type of book in ages. All the young adult books these days aren`t written in the way that I`d like to read a good ROMANCE. I`m glad that Diveregnt actually has a good love story behind it and it`s not cheesy either. It`s not about how it`s DESTINY or how it`s a childhood friend LOVING you for a long time... no! This is simply about a guy and a girl who meet - like each other and fall in love.

<em>Has anyone else ever read Divergent?</em> I`m sure they have so feel free to leave a comment and discuss =)

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