Dive In Ice To Avoid Sore Muscles After Workouts

4 years ago

Pretty much everybody has experienced that muscle pain after a tough workout, run or even just some harder tasks, like for example moving heavy stuff, and it usually strikes the next day and makes you feel like you cant move, I know I have experienced this and everybody can agree that it is not fun. What if there was a way to avoid feeling sore the next day? Wouldnt that be awesome?! Well, there is one but its not that pleasant.

After a tough workout or in case you had a bigger run or went running for the first time, you can avoid that awful muscle pain by taking an ice bath. Thats right, fill a tub with cold water and a lot of ice to experience cold hell but avoid that pain in the next day. Some advocate that these baths should be up to 10 minutes and to use something like dive boots to protect the toes.
There is a bit of disagreement between the medical and sports community about these baths and some potential dangerous of such low temperature baths, but I guess if its done for a short period of time its fine I guess and its something that is becoming more popular.

I have a friend that worked with some athletes and did do these baths and she also tried them after a long running session and she told them that she felt great the next day and with no sore muscles (which is the reason that made me create this posts).
I havent tried myself because I havent had the chance and a ice bath doesnt feel great(like I said, ice hell) but im curious to experience the effects myself. Maybe one day if I overdo my running I will try it.

<strong>Have you heard/tried ice baths before?
Do you usually get that muscle sore/pain after a workout?</strong>

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