Ditch the Expensive Mouth Wash

4 years ago

So the average mouth wash can be pretty expensive starting at $5.00 and going up to a whopping $15.00 and some brands are even pricier than that! Now what if I told you there was a mouth wash substitute that was half the price and had even more health benefits? Well its true! Hydrogen peroxide can be used as a mouth wash. Now I know youre probably thinking that it must taste awful and burn, but you would be wrong! It does have a peculiar taste but its not particularly strong. I use just a splash of 3% hydrogen peroxide and half as much water, take in a mouth full and swish and gargle! Now if you can handle the strong burn of Listerine or Crest mouth wash you can definitely handle the peroxide. The only strange thing about this is when it hits bacteria it starts foaming! You know if youve brush your teeth well because the peroxide will hardly foam. Now Im sure youre wondering the health benefits and how they differ from regular mouth washes. Well youll be surprised to know that is kills bacteria in the same way mouth wash does, but with one HUGE plus, it wont dry out your mouth or prohibit saliva production. Saliva is extremely important sure its used to breakdown food, but its also our bodys self-defense against oral bacteria so when mouth wash dries your mouth out is causes and increase in bacteria. Another benefit is it is GREAT for your gums. Rinsing your mouth with the peroxide gets in all the crevices your tooth brush may miss and the foaming lets you know that its working. The peroxide fights gum disease and gingivitis. Some other benefits would be hardening the enamel on your teeth; fortifying cavities and preventing plaque buildup, gargling with it when you have a sore throat can also help kill the bacterias that is making you sick. Ive only been using this for about a week, but my friend has been using it for weeks and she says its greatly whitened her teeth in combination with baking soda. I plan on using it for a solid two weeks and after that Ill post an update, hopefully there will be a nice white healthy finish in the end, but well see. If I encounter any issues along the way Ill be sure to update! Wish me luck!
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