Disturbing Behavior

4 years ago

Directed by David Nutter.

Hey Luuux!
I would get this in instant video but I`d much rather own it. Starring Katie Holmes before she got old. We all grow up, but at least we can grow up watching films that rock harder than a Katy Perry concert. My, my, my James Marsden doesn`t skip a beat, he still does films and they are always good films, how convenient. Here he plays an outcast, who would believe that, only because his family loss and so they move into a school with deranged popularity status, it`s possible that I would either be that girl that no one knows and that`s it. But in the story, Marsden has a difficult start making friends with Nick Stahl the burn out and an albino kid. Don`t ask just keep reading. It`s only the beginning to what is wrong with society and the faculty does not make it any easier. Then something really strange is happening, students are becoming neurotic and crazy. Stahl is the only one who knows what the deal is, a great deal of spying leads him to the answer. Maybe then conforming wasn`t the case but doses of crazy injection serum creates a pack of wolves at this High School. Not literal. We can all rely on the custodian who makes a discovery way back in the midst of the problem to demolish these breeds of nature. Might be a little simple to watch than reading my review. Do comment and/or like below. But also you will enjoy the soundtrack.

What happened to Nick Stahl, anyone know?

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Source link: http://www.amazon.com/Disturbing-Behavior-James-Marsden/dp/0792840127/ref=pd_sxp_grid_i_0_2

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