Display Your Beautiful Jewelry For All To See In A Fabulous Jewelry Decor Piece!

5 years ago

Ever feel like your jewelry is literally all over the place....You put down your favorite bangles, but have no clue where you put it last...Your necklaces are all tangled together......Your missing an earring.....And you can`t find your most prized possession in your jewelry, your special ring you cherish and love.....

It seems as if whenever we need something, we cannot find it...And to be honest its hard to keep up with where all your jewelry was last.....Regardless of how much jewelry storage we have, we literally gravitate our jewelry to the same spots in our room....Our dresser, nightstand and even in our bathrooms are the places were our jewelry ends up....

Since our jewelry is sooo pretty, it is a form of design.....The beautiful vintage pieces, sparkly earrings, and beautiful necklaces are all statement pieces which are perfect to make a statement....Make a statement wearing them, or better yet on display to see everyday...This beautiful jewelry storage piece is perfect to show off your jewelry and have it on display....

We all love museums, and I can remember literally my mouth dropping from seeing beautiful delicate pieces of jewelery on display in fabulous little glass boxes, this reminds me just of that....This beautiful jewelry display piece is perfect to show off your favorite sparkly pieces of jewelry...It shows them off, and makes you want to put your jewelry away....

This piece is fabulous non the less...With its beautiful glass box, which has amazing details all over it...The outside of the glass box has silver hardware on it, with a fun little intricate detailing etched into it....You open the box and there are about six snaps to hang your necklaces or bracelets from....The fabric is a great detail and is a great way to store your earrings on...Not to mention the fabric has the most prettiest pattern ever...With its black, grey and off white colors and beautiful pattern with fun words and interesting details in the pattern....This piece gives off that fabulous Paris vibe...

This beautiful piece, which I found at Marshalls (where else), is perfect for having on my dresser..I keep it on my dresser so I can have all my jewelry where I need to see it, and it makes my decor a little more personal....I love that it has a Paris like feel to it, and really is a beautiful piece, which sits on my dresser in my apartment....

This piece is a twist on a jewelry box, and gives it a more fun personalized look to it...It has Paris decor which we all love, and a great detailing to it..Plus there is nothing better then seeing your jewelry right in front of you, which gives you better options of what jewelry to wear with your outfits!

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What do you think of this piece? Where would you put it? What would you display in it?

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