Disneyland: The Worst Place on Earth

5 years ago

I am SICK to death of people bragging about how "great" Disneyland is. If you live out here in Los Angeles and you have gone to the one in Anaheim, you would understand.

First, the tickets alone are $100 per person. Again, this is <strong>JUST</strong> the tickets.

Food is easily $30 and up for two people.

The lines are ALWAYS long. How long? Expect at least the minimum of 45 minutes to wait for a ride. And no, believe it or not, it doesn`t matter which ride.

If you`re thinking that there has to be specific times during the day or year where it`s not busy, you`re wrong.

No, going during the morning when kids are in school doesn`t help you at all. The park is still riddled with kids.

Field trips are on a daily basis it seems.
Rainy days doesn`t mean less people.
Getting there early to be first in line? HA!
Staying late because everyone is leaving? HAHA! There`s more people at night than during the day.

I recommend Knott`s. Prices aren`t bad at all, discounts on a daily basis, great food at an affordable price, great rides, 15 minutes tops for waiting on a ride. The only thing is, expect at least 6 major rides not working.

So, why...WHY do people still find that spending a ridiculous amount of money for waiting in long lines is reasonable?


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