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5 years ago

I`m completely obsessed with anything Disney, and Disneyland is just a dream come true whenever I get the chance to go. Every time I visit this wonderful paradise, Space Mountain is the ride I have to go on at least three or four times or else my Disneyland trip feels incomplete!

The waiting line for this ride is extremely long... It can skyrocket to about three or four hours (depending on the day and what time you decide to get on) since it`s one of the more famous rides. Usually I get a fast pass so I wouldn`t have to go through long wait, or go at the end of the day since it`s a perfect ride to finish an exciting, fun-filled day. :)

First off, the inside of the building will awestruck you with their slick design with rockets, cool lights, etc. Disneyland does an excellent job in pumping up everybody`s nostalgic feelings. On your way to the beginning of the line, it feels as if you`re going on board of a space ship or something lol! The ride starts off with you ascending and having a voice counting down to your joyful adventure. After that, you zoom into this wonderful twists and turns with one of the most beautiful (life-like) dark room filled with lights to mimic the look of the twinkling stars. Winds will be gushing on your face, the ride will pull you towards little bumps and unexpected turns. The end will probably even keep a smile on your face as you get flashed by a camera; you will see your (hilariously unprepared) picture at the end of the ride! It gets me every time. It`s incredibly memorable... I haven`t been on this ride for almost a year and I remember every detail of it.

I can go on this ride an infinite number of times.. I swear. Have you guys ever gone on this ride on one of your trips to Disneyland? Have you ever been to Disneyland? :)

I`m thinking about reviewing almost every ride I`ve been on during my last visit at Disneyland since I`m incredibly passionate about this topic! :) This is the first post in my series :) Hopefully you guys will enjoy the rest, stay tuned!

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