Disney World turns away visitors during crowded Holiday Week!

Were you one of the many hundreds/thoughts who were turned away from amusement parks because it was over populated for the Holidays? I wanted to plan a trip to Disneyland but knowing it`s going to be extremely crowded/packed because all the kids are on Winter Break and parents on Holiday Break/Vacation, amusement parks are #1 on the list so I`m going to wait until later.

However, I never seen amusement parks SO busy that they turned visitors away. Imagine people flying into Florida (I am sure many do for Disney World) and to have their kids/their hearts turned down. According to the news, Florida turned away visitors and for those who were the `lucky ones` - it took them up to 5 hours to ride just 1 ride! And rides generally last less than 3-5 minutes too - that is just crazy! Many people were just camping out on the grass to watch the fire works many hours before it was dark out.

Would you be disappointed if you weren`t able to go in Disneyworld because of the capacity limit? For those who actually traveled to DisneyWorld internationally/out of town, it must have been a bummer. Plus, the entire day wouldn`t be worth it because you`ll only get to just 1 ride and the days over because you have to eat/rest.

Even though I`m not going to DisneyWorld - I am sure Disneyland was just as crowded. Luckily, I postponed my trip to later on a weekday where hopefully it won`t be `as` busy!

Article: http://fox6now.com/2014/01/01/disney-world-in-florida-turns-away-visitors-during-busy-holiday-week/

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