Disney F-08D Cell Phone in Japan

4 years ago

Check this out.

This is one of the newer releases part of the Docomo Summer release. Docomo is one of the major players in the Japanese mobile market.

Mobile TV
Disney photobooth
Deco mail
13.1 MP camera
Other services specific to Japan such as Letting you know what is happening in your home

Personally I wish all phones in North America would have advanced features like home security and Disney photobooth, but we are a bit slow in our technology. I mean, 3 years ago, Japan already came up with 10.0 MP camera phones and HD LCD displays using Bravia TV screens. Here, we have the Samsung Galaxy s3 3 years later. Though we have the widgets and apps, we still don`t have a 10.0 MP camera nor do we have nice LCD screens.

The phone itself is about $800 USD, which is not that expensive if you consider that the new iPhone 5 is upwards from $500 and it`s not as nice.

But personally, if I was living in Japan, I would definitely buy this phone. However, due to it being locked to the Japan FOMA network, it cannot do much here. The only thing it can do is look pretty, receive calls and take nice photos =P

Just some food for thought.

*photo is sourcelinked*


Source link: http://www.nttdocomo.co.jp/product/with/f08d/index.html

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