Disney Couture Seven Dwarves Double Finger Ring

5 years ago

Disney Couture is probably one of the coolest jewelry lines I have ever seen. I know they sell their stuff at a lot of different boutiques and smaller stores, as well as larger department stores too, but this ring in particular is from the online Fred Flare store.

I am on the edge for if I think this ring is cute or just too much. The ring is made mostly of gold metal, as well as some brown plastic. The base of the ring, for where the "dwarves" sit is the brown plastic part. The actual rings and dwarves are gold though. I love the combination of colors on this ring because they would go with pretty much any outfit. Something I don`t like about the ring is how tall it is. It portrudes about 1 inch off of your hand- which is quite a lot! This ring could even potentially be dangerous! This retails for $55, which is clearly way too much money for me. So because of the insane price, I will be skipping out on this ring. But I do think it`s pretty cool!

Would you guys be sporting this ring? Or do you think it`s too "preschool" for you?

Not my photo, source down below

Source link: http://www.fredflare.com/ACCESSORIES-what-s-new/Disney-Couture-Seven-Dwarves-Double-Finger-Ring/

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