Disney Channel: Gravity Fall... Innocent child show?

I have watched Disney`s new show Gravity Falls, and I didn`t see anything wrong with it...until this morning. As I was watching the episode Irrational Treasures, I realized quite a few things that made my jaw drop. If you look at the second picture you will see an illuminati triangle that looks just like the triangle on the dollar bill!!!!! Then watching more of the episode I saw the upside triangle [which is the third and fourth picture]. At first the upside pyramid looks like an abstract picture but when you look at the fourth picture, you see an upside down angel. Maybe I am just paranoid but I know one thing... angels are not supposed to be upside down. Anyways I also realized how in the end of the theme song there is also an illuminati triangle wearing a bow tie!!!![It looks like the last picture]... Also in the video, it shows how the kids uncle is really creepy!!! So is Disney`s new show sending messed up messages to kids?

The first and third picture is not mine... the second, fourth, and fifth pictures I took with my phone.. and the video is not mine.

Source link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfH4BDyys_U&list=PLihDiA-ZiQ1WQyGQrA3uHZ3-Vk848MxGy

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