Disney and Pixar`s Brave (review)

4 years ago

Being the Disney fanatic i am I went and seen Brave on it`s opening day, the first showing of the morning. Okay not quite, i didn`t go at midnight, i seen my local theaters 11:50am 3D showing of Brave, which is Disney Pixar`s latest project!
In true Pixar fashion the movie began with a short. I don`t want to give the short away because that`s always one of the best parts of the movies! But i will tell you that this short is called Laluna and is a 10 out of 10 on every scale possible. The cuteness scale, the funny scale, everything! It`s very entertaining and fun!
Brave starts with a clip of Merida when she was just a little girl on her birthday, which is when she gets her first bow. The movie gets it`s first bit of excitement when a giant bear comes out of the woods and attacks the family. Merida`s father and soldier bravely battle the bear, but her father loses one of his legs to it.
The story then goes into Merida as a teenager.
Merida receives the news that her mother and father have made the preperatoins for her to find a suitor. Merida runs off in an angry rage! She finds herself in the forest in the middle of an ancient magical structure where magical creatures lead her through the woods and to the cabin of an old witch!
Now i won`t say too much more about the movie, because i believe you should go see it!

But i will say that this is a BEAUTIFUL family movie all about legends and the important of knowing your history and where you come from. It really displays the importance and dependence of family.
This is the first Disney movie where the princess has a whole family, a mother a father and three pesky little brothers. They play a huge role in her life! and they add to the comedy of the movie as well.

Another wonderful part of the movie is the scenery. Everything is beautiful and lush with life! I can only imagine that`s how Scotland or Ireland truly are. The 3D made everything even more beautiful and real!
And if you`re worried you won`t be able to understand the characters because of the accents, there is only one character through the whole movie you can`t understand and that was done for humor.

I give this movie a 10 out of 10 stars! Disney and Pixar have truly out done themselves on this one!
Merida is a model princess, especially because she makes mistakes a lot of the princesses seem so perfect, but Merida character is just as real as any of us.
In fact a part of her can be found in all of us!

For more information, where the picture above can be found, and to buy tickets, click the link provided below and go to the official website:

Source link: http://disney.go.com/brave/?cmp=wdsmp_brv_url_dcombrave#/characters/merida/

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