Dismantle the 2012 version of Apple TV shows video card with 512MB of RAM

Robust hardware features 1080p resolution, the big news of the moment.

Recently, there was the announcement of a new version of Apple TV that will receive some improvements in hardware. Despite the turmoil, many of these changes have not been informed by Apple and she kept completely uninformed stakeholders.

Thanks to the efforts of the user aicjofs XBMC forum, which opened an Apple TV and you`re dissecting the piece, it is now known that the device will have a single core processor in contrast to the dual-core present in the iPhone or iPhone.

The big news here was to upgrade the video card, which previously had only 256 MB of memory and low resolutions, and now has 512 MB of RAM, and can display content at 1080p.

A curious fact is being investigated is the presence of two antennas, one of which is Wi-Fi and the other has no function yet determined. This second antenna can be used to increase the power of the first, but is purely speculative.

According to the user, there is no confirmation that the piece still has the antenna and Bluetooth 2.1, with these few changes, it is clear Apple`s efforts to keep the price of the device.

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