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5 years ago

Hey everyone! So this is what my mom cooked this week. I personally didn`t eat this but I have tried it before and it was good. I have only tried this once because why live if you don`t try something once in a while. If you don`t know what this is, it is
snail with creamy coconut sauce. Whenever my mom cooks this, everyone pretty much finishes everything within a couple of minutes. These go by fast. If you never ate snail before, what you do is just grab one and put the opening part in your mouth and just suck away, which causes the actual snail meat to go into your mouth. My mom always cooks these with coconut milk, onions, and spices. You might think its pretty nasty but don`t knock it until you try it. Sorry if the second picture was somewhat blurry. I tried taking so many pictures of the snails close-up but the lens on my camera kept getting steamy. LOL I would have taken a picture of it after it cooled down but these are best eaten when they are freshly cooked and still steaming. ==================================================================
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