Disgusting Crumble

5 years ago

Hey luuuxers

Don`t konw if they sell this internationally, but they surely sell these in Australia. I found them at woolworthes which is one of our main supermarkets. I think i got them for about $2AUD ($1.95USD?)

They look nice right? they come in two sections and you snap them in half then pour the crumble into the custard part. they have different flavours, i picked the apple compote one. EW.. just opening it and look at it turned me off (look at second photo)

Ok, so i`m pretty fair, even if it looks gross i still try and then decided whether it`s edible (for example, sea urchins look GROSS, but i LOVE eating them) So i tried it and WOW, it was DISGUSTING - it was powdery, i mean the custard itself was powdery, and it had a very artificial taste to it too. The crumble, oh, that was just .. it wasn`t soft, but nor was it crumble lol it was just totally OFF.

My husband LOVES to save food, even if it`s not nice, and i want to throw it out, he`ll try to eat it just so we don`t waste food, which i like doing too, but i have limits lol. AND TODAY - i found that he does too lol, he couldn`t even finish it so that`s how bad it is

Let me know:
- have you seen these before?
-have you had them before?
-do you like them?

Thanks for dropping by, all photos are mine, please don`t steal

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