Disgusting Brownies

4 years ago

Originally I was hyped up about Fibre1 brownies coming to Canada. I heard great reviews about them in the States and they looked amazing as well.

For 110 calories, you get 5g (that`s 20%) of fibre as well as a delicious chocolate brownie treat.

So when I received a coupon for a free box, I was super excited.

Until I actually tried one. They were disgusting!

Normally, I love fibre1 bars. Their granola bars are amazing, especially their peanut butter ones. I bought 2 boxes of 40 bars at Costco once and I finished it within a month!

Each square was half the size of your palm. I was sitting there wondering how such a tiny piece of brownie have 110 calories.

They were extremely dry and crumbled in my mouth, which I was not expecting. I was expecting a soft and chewy moist brownie. I chose the peanut butter version and it left a really bitter aftertaste in my mouth. I had to drink a cup of juice just to wash the aftertaste down.

For $3.99 a box of 6 brownies, it is completely not worth your money. You might as well bake your own and add benefibre to it to increase the fibre content.

I still have 5 bars at home and it`s been 2 months!

*photo is mine*


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