Discovery quotprotein Hulkquot that could leave anyone muscular

It is not hard to find someone who wants to have well defined muscles and also would not want to have any physical effort to do so. But everyone knows that, at least for now, is impossible to happen. But maybe in the future the story is different. According to Medical Xpress, doctors Garvan Institute of Medical Research have found a protein that may help in this mission,

This is the Grb10, which is being called "Protein Hulk", because she can build muscle quickly. The problem is that it is not yet possible to determine which region of the human body protein would act. In tests on mice, the Grb10 made the muscles of the uterus were developed, which was not exactly what everyone expected.

Research should continue for a long time, until the scientists involved are able to reach more specific conclusions about the Grb10. What is known so far is that it can be very helpful in treating some diseases that affect the muscles, since it is possible to better control the application of the protein.

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