Disappearing Clothes?!

5 years ago

I don`t know if this ever happens to you but this ALWAYS happens to me....but i HATE IT when my clothes disappear. Obviously I know my clothes dont have legs and they can`t run off but what really bugs me is sometimes when people borrow my clothes and after borrowing it for a long time they don`t bother letting me know that they still have it !!

Each year i probably lose 2-3 pieces of clothing because someone borrows it...then ends up borrowing it to someone else without letting me know.

UGH I HATE IT!! Its like throwing money down the drain. I really need to make a list of who borrows my clothes and if they returned it or not. Just sucks cause its not like i care about the price of it the shirt or anything but its the fact that i can`t find a shirt with the same style anymore.

This doesn`t only apply to my clothes but other accessories too like belts and jewellery.

Gahhhhh.. does this ever happen to you?!?!

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