Disable your Phone While Driving!

<em>Have you ever talked on the phone while driving? Text while driving? Sent e-mails? Chat? Facebook? Youtube? It`s actually a law in California that you can`t talk on your phones unless you have a blue tooth if you are caught holding your phone and talking it`s like a $150 fine!</em>

A lot of accidents especially with young inexperienced drivers is because they`re too busy with their phones.. facebook, on the phone, texting and so forth that they aren`t paying attention to the road so this company called <strong>Scosche</strong> that sells cellCONTROL is a device that you attach to your car [somewhere under the steering wheel area] that when your car is in motion & moving it will disable your phone! No texting, messaging phone calls or anything!

<strong>What do you think of this product?</strong> I think it`s a great idea especially for inexperience drivers to guarantee that they aren`t busy with their phones while driving but of course they can simply just remove it and say they are using it though. Another down side is it`s available for all types of phones except the Apple iPhone, LOL bad approach because the iPhone is so popular now a days! Another downside is emergency calls.. what if you get one but you can get to it since all calls are blocked.. but if you`re someone young driving I doubt you`ll get any emergency calls or rarely. This is designed for young drivers since it won`t be practical for those who are older, have kids family and need their phones on 24/7 and they`re experienced enough to multi task while driving.

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Source link: http://www.scosche.com/consumer-tech/product/2277

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