Dirt Pudding Cups - Perfect for Halloween Treats

Last night, I was watching YouTube and came across Blair`s (juicystar07) latest video and it`s about quick and easy Halloween recipes. One of my favorite childhood dessert were Dirt Pudding Cups from Mimi`s Cafe. Back when I was an elementary student, our teacher would have a treasure chest and I would always redeem my tokens for a voucher to Mimi`s Cafe so I could get their Dirt Pudding Cups (they no longer have this on their kids menu I don`t think anymore? The Dirt Pudding Cups is also known as: Mud and Worms, Dirt Cups, Gummy worms in Dirt, etc. This would be a great Halloween treat to make with your child, niece, nephew or even as an adult!

In Blair`s video - she opts making her own pudding and used store bought pudding for quickness. If you want a through recipe including making your own pudding (refer to the link below)

How to make Dirt Pudding Cups? (Very self explanatory and it depends on how many you would like to make)

What you`ll need?
- Oreos
- Chocolate pudding
- Zip lock bag & something to crush the cookies once you put in the zip lock bag to make `dirt` - you could use a spoon, pizza roller
- Gummy worms of your choice (sour or regular)
- Plastic cups

1. Grab a zip lock bag and place the amount of oreo cookies you desire (depending on how much dirt you`d like) then grab your pizza roller or even use your hand and crush the cookies into pieces! If you would like your dirt to look more realistic (scoop the white filling off)
2. Optional - Get your chocolate pudding and some of the dirt and whisk together.
3. Grab your plastic cups and fill with dirt, then mixture of chocolate pudding/dirt and repeat into layers
4. Fun part is adding the worms randomly in the dirt, around and then refrigerate until ready to serve!

Above is just a summary I wrote, more information for serving size to ingredients refer before. This is a fun recipe where following directions isn`t very necessary!

Will you be making any fun Halloween Treats this year?

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6jm5ZMMZ_c&list=UU48DOiEvCDu3sThBijwkQ1A
Photos/Recipe Credits: http://www.ohnuts.com/blog/dirt-pudding-cups-with-gummy-worms-recipe/

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Source link: http://www.ohnuts.com/blog/dirt-pudding-cups-with-gummy-worms-recipe/

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