Directions hair dye turquoise review

4 years ago

I got this hair dye and I use it to dye this one strand on my hair. The first time I done it, I did it on my normal brown hair and it actually worked but it turned out a dark green. So as I was waiting for it to fade, I realized that this wouldnt even though it does claim to be a semi permanent. So I then decided to bleach my hair (review of the beach : the bleach turned my hair like blondy colour,but nothing that light. Now this time it did turn turquoise, but soon faded to a green again. So now I have to continuously ( every 1 month or less for it to be very vibrant) re dye the strand to keep it turquoise. I only use a very small amount of this so it is alright. I have used this dye previously ( review of that : but if the white toner. I knew I liked this and it was relatively cheap,so I got it. The smell isnt all offensive at all. I do wrap that strand of hair in foil anyway,so it doesnt really matter to me. I did read somewhere that it is very hard to dye your hair blue, so if you are wanting to go turquoise, I might even suggest that you get the blue colour and it will fade to a bluey-green colour. This doesnt really damage your hair as it is a vegetable dye. Do be care and wear gloves because this does stain. If you dont mind to have touch up your hair regularly and are looking for more of a blue fade green,then I do recommend this, if not get the blue one! And if you do want something that will truly wash out, I really dont recommend this, if you dont mind the staining then go ahead!
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